Class Choices


Class Types, also know as Combat skill. Is the type of ability user you are with your Combat. In Most Cases a Class type isn't normally chosen until a person has reached Level 5 on their Bio Sheet However, it is not unlikely to have it before then ether. Each ability has a few Class types for each. Some may have more than others. However, each one ranges differently in the abilities they can do as well. There are 7 Main Class Types.


They emphasize speed and/or stealth above all else. This makes them ideal for Hit-and-Run Tactics, given that they're good at both ambushing the enemy and avoiding fights they don't like, (Even though they are almost the best at close combat) Typically they're usually not sturdy enough to stand up against a direct assault on their own, but are nonetheless valuable for weakening and disrupting the enemy.


Their job is to hit the frontlines and engage in direct combat with the enemy. They tend to be something of a Jack-of-All-Stats complemented by a long list of weapons and armor they can use, though they usually lean toward Juggernaut as well, being stronger than usual at the cost of being slower than average. The "default" option for many games, they're usually the simplest class to play.


They improve their allies' ability to fight without adding much on their own. They may aid teammates by healing them to keep them alive longer, by offering bonuses to allies, or by inflicting penalties on enemies. Either way, This class Requires more teamwork than most classes, which can be frustrating on both sides; bad support can bring down a good team, but a team that doesn't protect their support is equally annoying.


The class with the most different names and hardest to define, their singular uniting characteristic is the ability to mow down foes. They can cover lots of ground with area of effect attacks, rapid fire, or both. This makes them especially deadly against large numbers of individually weak enemies. They're usually a unable to take hits and/or ponderously slow. In the right circumstances they can wipe out hordes of opponents, but if caught in a bad spot they'll go down like a pile of bricks.


They specialize in powerful long-range attacks. They're generally capable of dealing lots of damage to a single target from a safe distance, but aren't very good at defending themselves, especially at close range. Best used to take out high-value or defense-heavy targets while being sure to keep their beefier teammates between them and the enemy.


The Crafter is an interesting class. Though they often are not much of a fighting class they are known for crafting things out of random materials. Generally these materials can be found in a backpack or a storage device, even though these items can be found around the surrounding area. If this class was to fight however, it would most likely be with items they created.


The Worshiping Class, drawing their powers from either Faith, a god, or some variation of the two. Their Neni usually comes with less of a price or chance of backfiring like some other classes might experience. They normally are a defensive class, using more shielding and dodging techniques in their fighting.  


The Scout is known for it's speed.This class normally upgrades their speed before anything else. Although scouts are fast they are normally weak in Endurance. Normally the scout can take very few hits. However being fast like it is, it rarely takes hits to begin with. The Scouts weapon Preference is Dagger types and Pistols. Scouts can not wield heavy/blunt weapons.


The Gambler relies on luck. It is important for the gambler to increase his/her luck stats.. Forcing the opponent to miss several times. Although there may be a limit on the times the opponent can miss the Gambler. This still makes the Gambler a worthy opponent. Gambler's Weapon preference is cards or Dagger types such as throwing knives, short swords, spears, and pistols. The Gambler normally wouldn't wield a heavy/blunt weapon.


The Ninja is a dual wielding rogue type. The Ninja always increases it's stealth stat. Potentially always making this character invisible. The ninja could be a sword user, a S.m.g or Pistol user. The ninja tends to use skills that protect him/her from the eyes of other. Uses of poision and other tricks to avoid being seen. 


The Raider is a fun rogue type, that favors fights with multiple moves and range attacks. The interesting thing about this type is that his/her moves are normally done by using the ground in some strange way. Normally seen rolling widely on the ground.


The Buster is an unpredictable movement type. Using attacks that force him/her to move in certain directions. The Buster's attacks use less Mana than most attacks. Which means the buster can do many different attacks at one time and super randomly, this making the buster unpredictable. 

The Dancer

The Dancer uses dancing to fight using small weapons and quiet pistols. it can be annoying to fight someone that uses dancing as a method of hand to hand combat, since it's hard to tell what's an attack and what's just a fancy step. The Dancer can multiply his/her steps like a vibration to confuse the opponent into thinking that more than one Person is attacking.


Never caught unarmed, the soulknife is the literal interpretation of using the power of the mind as a weapon. Creating a "mind blade" is the core of the soulknife, and with it, she/he is a deadly combatant. Versatile and varied, the soulknife can be found in all shapes and sizes, wielding blades unique to the wielder and customized to fit the needs of the soulknife. Fluid in function, the soulknife has mastered how to alter her mind blade to fit the situation, bringing power and versatility into any combat situation. The SoulKnife needs no Weapon for his/her weapon is his/her mind. 

The Assassin

A more offensive-rogue, who sacrifices technical expertise for better stealth and killing abilities. Often have a variety of weakening and poisoning abilities and are able to cripple a foe to leave him open for allies or to let him die from damage over time.

The Thief

The Thief, when it is a separate class, it is a version of the Rogue with lower damage, but the ability to steal items from enemies. Sometimes, this can extend even to intangible items, such as experience points, but more commonly includes rare items that cannot be obtained in any other ways.

The Rouge

The rouge is a fast stealthy defensive Class. Taking all possible attacks and making attacks that seem almost invisible. Rogues are usually dexterous thieves or treasure-hunters who are experts in stealth, infiltration, lockpicking, traps and the disarming thereof, sneak attacks, and attacking from the rear.


The Kia class is a flexible Rouge type who uses gymnastics or even strange acrobatics to attack. The attacks from a Kia can leave an opponent immobile. 

The Shadow

Occasionally, Rogue-types will specialize in powers that augment their stealth, and when they do, those powers generally feature darkness, shadows or the occult as themes. The Shadow uses shadows as a boost to help hide him/herself into the darkness.


The Phasewalker can disburse an amount of mana that allows the user to disappear, known as Phase walking. The Energy disbursed can also harm the opponent. Higher levels of Phasewalking can increase the users stats while in phasewalking mode.


the trickster uses verious tricks to fight in combat. It seems almost impossible to grasp the trickster as it is just luring you farther and farther into its trap. Each of the tricksters moves are developed to distract and trap the opponent. 


The Pikeman is a soldier who specializes in the combat of the spear. When using Nature the Pikeman can combine his/her spear tactics with elemental powers.

The Geomancer

The Geomancer morphs to animal like forms to help him/her in his/her surroundings. Example: Having a monkey tail to help climb. The Geomancer doesn't take full form of an animal but can morph parts of the animal to help the Geo survive in battle. 


The Monk is a staff user and is rarely seen wielding anything but a staff or beads. The monk specializes in martial arts and can be a worthy opponent if she/he is fast and accurate. The monk may get special abilities from worshiping the cult of his/her choosing.


The Azarath is a solider type that can use a particular kind of force to manipulate objects. Tending to use shadows as it's main source of force the Azarath will use it's powers like telekinesis. However, none of the Azarath's powers come from the mind. It comes from direct mana force. This also allows the Azarath to create objects/things with just mer neni.

The Pirate

The Pirate will use a combination of weaponry instead of specializing - usually being able to switch freely between pistols and swords. Some pirates have stats similar to Fighters but learn Rogue skills (such as stealth and stealing items) instead of combat-related ones, and are limited to Rogue-type equipment. They may also receive bonuses for fighting in water terrain or on ships, or be the best class at swimming.

The Gunslinger

Different from most gunslinging types, the Gunslinger is like that of a battle priest. Switching weapons from various types. The Gunslinger is almost never seen reloading, this is because the gunslinger carries so many guns. he/she doesn't have to. The gunslinger uses certain types of bullets that can change an opponents stats.

 The Mentalist

Mentalist, A.K.A Psychics generally employ a combination of telepathy and psychokinesis to attack the opponent's mind directly, or to deal damage to his body.This could include "physic energy waves" These waves are made up from the users thoughts. Basically thinking the wave making it real. Telekeys


This Class allow the user to manipulate telekinesis as an ability. Starting from telekinesis of objects, to telekinesis of weapons, to even telekinesis of people. 


A Soldier who lends toward light or no armor and prefers agility, cunning, daring and technical skill to sheer force. Tends to be rogue-like in his or her trappings and is often used to evoke the Rogue archetype in games where skills and stealth play a small or no role. The Swashbuckler is a balanced stat.

The Knight

The Knight is often depicted as a more experienced soldier . He/she typically wears bigger, heavier armor, and may sacrifice speed to be more defensive. The Knight although a slower chara he/she is a great fighter in close combat.


The Warlord is a tactical master. He can hold his own in frontline combat as well as giving out buffs to his underlings and allies, usually by commanding them to superior positions than the ones they would have thought of on their own, and he may have protective auras made of his own charisma to increase a team's effectiveness in battle.


The Warrior uses balanced stats and seems to be a very offensive character. The warrior can use any weapon they desire and learn to adapt with it. Their skills also can be adjusted around the weapon. A Physical neni Warrior will be able to upgrade all stats at once by distributing the amount of stats they can upgrade and dividing it equally. 


The healer can not only heal others, but heal itself. For the Physical Neni, the Healer can upgrade it's health points to a maximum limit. The healer is known to use staff, or blunt weapons. It is not likely for a healer to hold a gun.

 The Engineer

Whether it's fixing ally weapons or deploying small machines that aid the battle the Engineer is a well balanced Mechanic. The Engineer is the combination of a Support type and a Crafting type. Although the Engineer is more a class that specializes in Machinery, the Engineer has interesting battle tactics that allow him/her to fight along side of the Allies. The Technological Engineer can manipulate the machines made by him/her easily to make it do its bidding which leads to an endless amount of possibilities for the engineer to create.

The Bard

The Bard is a support type that uses it's voice as a fighting method. The Bard can create illusions of Pain which can cause many effects to the mind. Among other things Bards are generally powerful enough to stay very far away and use their voice to decrease the opponents chances of winning. A bard normally isn't a weapon user but perfers projectiles.

The Drain

The Drain is able to unleash extreme amounts of battle effects to others. whether that is making them extremely slow, or slowly stealing the life force from another player. The List of effects the Drain can do can be unlimited. Using combinations of effects to deal more damage.


The support type known as "Boomer" is able to temporarily decrease an opponents accuracy to 0 and allow attacks done to other enemies to also make the opponent take damage.


The Transporter is an interesting support type that uses shadows to teleport people to locations also shadowed. Now the interesting part about the Transporter is not only can he/she transport allies to safer locations, but can also transport opponents to more dangerous ones as well.


Harnesses solar light energy in attacks. Buffing his allies.

Escape Artist

Uses forms of light to distract or debuff allies. Most Escape Artist are known for doing damage but never getting caught in the cross fire. 

 The Barbarian

Specializing in blunt and axe type weapons thed barbarian is a Class more built on strength. The Barbarian is slow, but not as slow as most juggernaut types. The best thing about the barbarian class is the understanding it shares with the animals.The Barbarian is focused more on damage than defense. Often characterized by wearing less armor, being less civilized, and being able to fly into a berserker rage that increases damage output or allow them to do more damage based on how hurt they are.Even though like the Berserker the rage mode is available to the barbarian the way it is used might very.

White Knight

A slow moving class that is able to shield self in the aura of others. Interesting enough while shielded with aura any damage taken to the aura is inflicted on the person whose aura was stolen. This allows the White knight to fight without taking much damage at all.

 Dark Knight

A slow moving class that is able to shield self in the Shadows of others. Interesting enough while shielded with shadows any damage taken to the shadow is inflicted on the person whose shadows were stolen. This allows the Dark knight to fight without taking much damage at all.

 The Attic

The Attic class type is known for being able to store abilities he/she steals from other players. Most Absorption nenis can only steal and use the ability once. Where the Attic only gets his/her abilities from stealing them from other players. The Reason the attic is a Juggernaut type is because unlike other absorption nenis, the Attic is slow and has a lot of endurance or armor.

 The Force-Field

This Class is able to create a shield, wall or a field to protect themselves, with varying appearances and materials. The fields can be formed from energy, element, shaped from environment or formed by manipulating smaller items to form greater whole.Force-fields are not impenetrable and can usually be removed by an energy drain or extreme weight. Some users are also able to throw shields away from themselves or to catch things with them, while other users may be able to mold them into any shape.


The Titan class is a class of suit wearers who possesses a suit that can regenerate just about all of their health as long as they are not being attack. However the Titan's also have unique abilities that allow them certain things that not even Exo's could give. A Titan is well rounded in strength.. However once the suit breaks they are almost powerless. Titans go through server training to get to the level of extreme they are given and specialize in separate things based on the color of their suit. (this is a rare class type because you need to be a syth or power armor to use this class.)


The berserker is a strength stat junky. Like the Ninja they can duel wield and like the Warrior can use any weapon they desire. The Berserker has a rage mode, a moment where he/she is Invincible, no attacks can do damage. For that short period of time the Berserker's main job is to target all of the weaker enemies and destroy them. The Berserker's of the physical Neni are known for being able to increase their strength stat to a maximum, however in return become really slow.

Power Armor

Power Armor types are known for having an absurd amount of endurance. They are the best at fighting flying types and have a weak spot. The Physical Neni P.A Is able to increase his/her Endurance level to a maximum however, still having that weak spot where the endurance level can not be given. Some Power armor types weak spot is their head or their heart. However, other P.As can fully phyisically armor their entire bodies, but that armor's starting point is normally it's weaker spot.

The Juggernaut

 The Juggernaut can fully increase any stat at anytime as much as his/her mana allows. Thus allowing the juggernaut to always be in rage mode. The Juggernaut can push through enemies quickly, as he/she focuses more on taking hits than landing them. Normally as an attempt to weaken the enemy. 


A Sniper Class stays behind all team mates and hides in the distance. Keeping him/her hidden from enemy view. The Sniper can deal heavy damage from far away.    

The Dual Wielding Ranger

The Dual wielding ranger has the unique ability too dual two weapons at once. Normally a gun to blade technique. However, this ranger class is the only known ranger class that is actually good at Close Combat. Using holding more than 2 weapons the Dual Ranger has enhanced speed for moving quickly to unsheathe more weapons. But, like most rangers the Dual ranger specializes in Long distant fighting. Strange for the Absorption Neni, because most Absorps are Close Combat types. This is normally because the Absorption the Ranger possesses is able to be integrated with it's weapon. 

 The All-Seer

The Telepathic All-Seer is Clairvoyance/Clairaudience Ranger. also called TeleSense, Remote Viewing, Remote Sensing, Extra-Sensory Perception or ESP. Seeing (and sometimes hearing, or using other senses, including ones that aren't part of the standard package) far-away places, localizing specific persons one concentrates on, usually involves a trance state; the amount of control over what is seen can vary wildly, depending on the talent and training of the psychic and how the power works in your 'verse. The All seer, being a ranger type is more or less a long range fighter using it's unique ability to see or hear people from far distances. 

 The Trapper Ranger

The Trapper is a character who can lay down various traps in an area that the enemy can walk into, making them vulnerable to ambushes or follow-up attacks from long range. The Trapper Ranger is a thinking class. They train them selves to be two steps ahead of their enemy. The Technological Trapper is able to create unrealistic traps based off of technology.


This class specializes in either taking temporary or permanent control of wild animals, and then allowing their pet to rush to the front lines while they support with healing and long-range attacks. A battle of teamwork and control makes this class an interesting type.


Shadow creator

The Shadow Creator Creates shadows. Using them as a means of combat.. This makes the Shadow Creator one of the Dark's best Classes. 

The Druid

The Druid unleashes natures raw energy to it's opponent. The Druid is able to not only create potions/medications/drugs using the nature but can craft interesting types of plants that bend to the druid's control.

Cage Crafter

Using Aura the Cage Crafter can create cages to hold things from escape.


Creates traps out of objects really quickly 

 Creator/Crafter Types


Create potions and such A player can create healing, invisibility, elemental resistance and mana potions; oils to coat weapons; and much more. small sticks with bits of alchemical gold that glow brighter than a torch when struck, vicious acids, and stones coated with a special dust that causes a loud explosion when struck against something solid. But these are only the basics of an elaborate and incredible art, easily as expansive as any form of neni casting. Indeed, the simple alchemist’s fire and thunderstones are to the heights of alchemy what little cantrips are to the greatest forms of neni. If you can think of a logical way to make it happen it can happen. Crafters are not often seen with weapons.


An artificer is an individual who lives on the edge of neni and science. They are craftsmen and engineers, mixing the arcane with a new discipline: technology. Artificers are students of exotic sciences and theories. They believe they can construct technology from nothing just using Neni. However Only the greatest of the Artificer's have ever crafted technology from nothing. Crafters are not often seen with weapons.

The DroidSmith

The DroidSmith is normally a worker who works on androids but is able to create robots out of anything using mana to keep them alive. Controlling them and allowing them to fight with their own stats, while the Smith stays back and fights with long ranged attacks. 


The Defender can increase his/her blocks per post amount by quickly crafting shields from attacks. As a Physical Neni Defender the Crafter can craft 100 shields if he/she has enough mana. 


The Paladin is a Fighter with the power of Light and healing, as well as defensive buffs for their allies. Their devotion to their Titulari gives them various healing abilities and light-based abilites to protect themselves and others. 

 The Templar

The Templar may seem assassin-ish but has the ability to heal not only him/herself but others as well. The templar uses quick attacks and may at times seem to worship their leader for more abilities. The Abilities from a Templar could seem long ranged or even melee.   

 The Walker

Able to transmit a mental form of ones self that never takes damage. However the problem with that is that the person transmitting the Out of body mental form is left in a coma like state that keeps the walker from ever moving or defending his/her self.  

The Battle Priest

A badass, tough warrior, carrying "blessed" (In this case Plasma) weapons. The BP can dish out melee damage and heal. Can switch weapons like no tomorrow. Might be slow but extremely accurate..