Aluminium -Aluminium can be used to create things that are not as strong as metal and won’t be needed to do as much as metal, Example; Fork, Knife, and Spoon

Adhesive - Adhesive is used in most crafting techniques where one needs to use something to stick something together. For example: Using duct tape to stick a fork to a baseball bat

Ceramic -Ceramics can be helpful when hidden in a place for a long while. They can double as household essentials. Example; Bowl, Plant pot, Plate

Concrete -Concrete is the essential if you wish to set up a camp or if you wish to hide out. Example; Paths, Sidewalks.

Copper -Copper can be used in multiple things that can help with survival, It’s also a good conductor of electricity. Example: wires

Cloth -Cloth can be used to create things that will keep you protected from harsh weather or cold harsh nights. It’s a good way to stay alive and warm. Example: Clothing, Sleeping bags

Circuitry -Combining this with Copper will get you a little while of electricity, It can be used on other things aswell.  Example: Electricity, computers

Fiberglass -This can be used to hold things together or insulate a shelter so you wont freeze to death or remain cold. Example, Insulation, Make-shift clothing

Glass -Glass can be used as windows for a shelter.

Leather -Leather can be used a clothing or belts which can either keep you warm or they can hold together wood.

Oil -Oil can be used to get things free from tight places, it can also help in when you’re in a dark place, you can use the oil as a lantern.

Gas -Gas can be used on cars if you find a working one around, It can also be used on cookers for making food.

Plastic -Plastic can be used to craft things, You can use it for making bottles or you can make usefull things with it such as; make-shift lantern, Holders.

Rubber -Rubber can be used for many things, it can stretch which is good when layering something, it’s resistant which can help with clothing.

Steel -Steel can be used to craft make-shift things, you can make guns and swords and other weapons.

Nuclear material

-This is more so the most important thing to gather, you can use these for mini nukes, you can also use them for energy source or even power.

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