How To Sign Up

First off,

If you do not have a Wiki Account you will need to make one to sign up for the RP. But don't worry! It's easy.

Creating an account on Wikia is free, easy, and a great way to join a passionate community of people who love what you love. Having an account also gives you extra abilities and features that un-registered users do not have access to. Your account is used on every wikia, so you only need to create it once and you will be able to log into every Wikia community.


*On the top right of every page on Wikia, you will find links to Log in and Sign up.

*To sign up you can create a new account or use Facebook to connect. You can also visit for more help.

*After choosing to sign up, an account creation page will load, and allow you to fill in your account details.

*Once you sign up, you are now a member of the Wikia community!


The Last step is copy the Bio Sheet Once you've copied and pasted it in a new page With the subject as your RPC's Name you are Ready to RP with the rest of us :D

If you are unsure how to create a New page in a Wiki Here are some steps to help you out :D

~Click on the "Contribute" button on the top right corner of the screen.

~Then Click Add Page

~Write your RPC's Name as the subject that pops up

And there you go you have created your new page that's ready for edit :D