[[File:]] Lustrous Metal

The Most Flexible but least durable type of metal. Good For Basic things like forks.

Name Durability Strength
Orichalcumous Low +1
Orichalcumrite Medium +1
Orichalcum (Pure) High +1

Duriable Metal

Not Very flexible or durable but gets the job done.

Name Durability Strength
Adamantous Low +2
Adamanite Medium +2
Prue Adaman High +2

Normal Metal

This is the Most Common type of metal and is mainly used in basic blades or guns. 

Name Durability Strength
Soft Metal Low +3
Normal Metal Medium +3
Hard Metal High +3

Brilliant Ore

This is the weakest type of Ore however it is stronger than metal.

Name Durability Strength
Pink Silver Low +6
White Silver Medium +6
Pure Silver High +6

Precious Ore

Often seen as more valuble than Scarletite even tho it is weaker and easier to find.

Name Durability Strength
Pink Gold Low +8
White Gold Medium +8
Pure Gold High +8

Ephemeral Ore

Known as the Steel from the Gods. 

Name Durability Strength
Damascus Steel Low +10
Scarletite Medium +10
Zodiac Ore High +10


Even though it is viewed as metal it is transparent and resembles fire through reflection.

Name Durability Strength
Everburn Low +20