Rp Rules


Your Avi may only be in one room at a time. 


Anything outside this RP is exactly that. OUTSIDE the rp, and we ask that it remains OUTSIDE the rp. If you have a Lover inside the rp and you are not lovers in the rp then he/she does not have the right to be upset or over react about events that may occur to your RPC. After all this is just RP. It is like acting and you must refrain from creating Unnecessary drama in the RP. Although drama is to happen with in the rp but thats what makes it fun ^^ 

Creation  YOU MUST CREATE A NEW AVI)When you create this New avi or RPC unit. During the RP keep in mind what you want to be and work your way to becoming that thing. You'll have to be smart and play your cards right though so good luck! 

Meta-Gaming  NO META-GAMING: Meta-gaming is when people mix what their character doesn't know or hasn't learned directly within the role-playing situation, with the action in-character 

Mary-Sueing  A Mary-Sue is someone who is impossible to rp with. They are "too good to be true." They are seen flawless and no weaknesses. They also show them selves as all powerful like they are "the ruler of the world." 

In Game Rules


A trial will happen for those who are just entering the RP. Everyone originally starts off without Neni, until they can learn about it and how things are done within the RP. The person without neni then has a one week trial run where he or she must meet Each and everyone of the Neni Gods. At the End of the 1 week trial the new member will then be brought to an Evaluation Room.. Where at least 3 of the official members Test the potential Member, On 4 things 1. Activity 2. Activity to the RP 3. Lines Per post (average) 4. If you met with all the gods. Pass the Trial with at least 70 % you will be given a choice to choose what Neni you wish to master. This will mean you will have to sign a contract with the God you chose. After that Congratulations, you are then an official member of the RP.

more in game rules to come.

PVP in This RP.

An Interesting way this RP is done is that the Sparring is a little different than what people are use to.

In one post there are a 3 things you can do:





A Defense is anything you can do to avoid damage yourself.

Examples of Defense:  

  • Shielding  
  • Blocking  
  • Deflecting  
  • Dodging  
  • Missing  
  • Attack collision/Canceling out  


An Attack is considered as anything that can do damage to your opponent.

Examples of Attacks:

  • Using Neni/Mana to do damage to your opponent
  • Melee attack
  • Shooting
  • Projectile Attacks
  • Illusions
  • Altering
  • Damage to opponent (not including Debuffs)


A support is anything that helps your allies.

Examples of Support:

  • Healing Self
  • Healing Allies
  • Debuffing Enemies
  • Buffing Allies
  • Teleporting self/allies

Out of All Of these things you can do one of the 3 of them, 2 times. You can only do 3 things per turn.


Attack Attack Defend
Attack Attack Support
Attack Support Attack
Attack Defend Attack
Attack Support Support
Attack Defend Defend
Attack Defend Support
Attack Support Defend
Defend Attack Support
Defend Support Attack
Defend Defend Support
Defend Defend Attack
Defend Support Support
Defend Attack Attack
Support Attack Support
Support Defend Support
Support Support Attack
Support Support Defend
Support Attack Defend
Support Defend Attack

Understanding Abilities

With in the RP certain words that pertain the abilities may be new to you. This Is here to help you understand what each word means.


Stack literally refers to a collecting of something

Buffs and Debuffs

A Buff is something that helps your stats or allies stats increase over time. A debuff is something that will make your stats decrease over time.


A Knock Back Is something that pushes you or an opponent back


Passive refers to an ability that is ALWAYS active unless stated other wise. An Active ability is something you choose when to activate it so it can work for a long period of time.

Post and Post Rotations

A Post is 1 turn. After you have finished your post it's your opponents post. After you both have posted 1 time; that is known as a post rotation.

Molding and Releasing Neni

Molding is to Shape or create a form with neni/mana. Releasing is to push out neni/mana

Time Limit

Some abilities only last for so long the time limit shows when they end


Some abilities take some time till you can do them again

Recoil/After Effects

Some abilities back fire or harm you, that is known as a recoil. After effects are Recoils that effect your opponent


Interesting enough, to do an ability some require you to do something to activate it. The trigger is just that.