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It started in 2016 the High Elven race was starting to undermine the Humans in the war between Phantasia and Tiro, two countries now divided by a body of water. Phantasia and Tiro have been fighting for territory for centuries it seems. {Phantasia was a large country that held most of your Fantasy based races: Dwarfs, elves, ect. Trio held a sophisticated group of humans Living under a totalitarian government; their strength was the only thing keeping them separate from being one under the country of Phantasia.. at least.. that was until the event that changed life as we all knew it. The leader of the Monarchy of Phantasia decided he was through with the war and figured he'd end it by dropping an nuclear bomb onto Tiro without warning. Trio was then not only extremely unprepared for this action but was also completely separated from the country of Phantasia, leaving a body of water between them both. However, Phantasia was not left unharmed by this situation, in fact due to them being so close to each other Phantasians were seriously effected by the radiation and impact of the explosion. It's been almost 100 years since the event we call the "Devastation" happened and we are still recovering from the impact. A few humans survived but most were completly mutated over time, along with a lot of Phantasian races. New illnesses developed, as our world as we knew it was completely destroyed we watch as we work to rebuild our world; Fighting to survive.

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This RP is The creators version of a cross over between Fallout (4) and Neverwinter (D&D) If you've never played ether game, that's perfectly fine. The RP is really different from both games, but has similarities. In this Rp you will choose a race, and class to live out in this nuclear apoctolyptic world. You will venture into the world as you try to survive. You will live with people of your race in a stronghold. This will be like your races guild/family. You will help protect, feed, repair, and keep your guild running; as you scavage supplies, defend your territory, and create a community with your friends. In this RP we like to offer creative freedom but still keeping everything fair for everyone. You can create your OWN weapons, your OWN settlements, your OWN gadgets, and not be limited. We appreciate your ideas and suggestions to the RP and encourage you to enjoy yourself as you go through this amazing journey as you TAKE OVER THE WASTELAND!


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