[[File:]] Thin Wood
Name Durability Strength
Orichalcumous Low +1
Cherrywood Stick Medium +1
Cherrywood Log High +1

Fragrant Wood

Name Durability Strength
Maplewood Chips Low +2
Maplewood Sticks Medium +2
Maplewood Logs High +2

Smooth Wood

Name Durability Strength
Cedarwood Chips Low +3
Cedarwood Sticks Medium +3
Cedarwood Logs High +3

Sturdy Wood

This is the weakest type of Ore however it is stronger than metal.

Name Durability Strength
Oakwood Chips Low +6
Oakwood Sticks Medium +6
Oakwood Logs High +6

Rare Wood

Name Durability Strength
Pinewood Chips Low +8
Pinewood Sticks Medium +8
Pinewood Logs High +8
Strackwood Chips Low +10
Strackwood Sticks Medium +10
Stackwood Logs High +10

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